Financial Services

Financial Services Sector

Inefficient processes that are often still paper based abound within the financial services industry. From mortgage processing to insurance claims, these processes are guilty of holding back business growth by consuming too much manpower.

PeopleForce are skilled at helping clients automate and re-engineer such processes to free up staff to focus on other areas of business that are more beneficial to the success of the firm.

  • Insurance: Applications and Claims Processing and Auditing
  • Mortgages: Applications and Loan Documentation Processing and Auditing
  • Compliance: SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and Internal Compliance procedures
  • Fraud investigations
  • Document Processing and Management
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Backlog Processing
  • Online Customer Support
  • Data cleansing, Cataloging and Tagging, including XBRL

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