Logistics Sector

PeopleForce understands logistics and the critical need for clean, accurate and timely data. Logistics chains are complex and many players have yet to fully embrace the many business benefits of automation. Meaning that paper from loading dockets to customs forms to delivery notes and purchase orders are a common and problematic sight.

PeopleForce can help with creating admin processes and staffing them with skilled knowledge workers, enabling the processing and sharing of data to keep supply chains moving efficiently and securely with more speed and less errors.

  • Classification including UNSPSC and Harmonized Tariff coding
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Field Data Coordination
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Data Cleansing, Cataloging and Tagging
  • Online Customer Support
  • Auditing Bills of Lading/Delivery Notes
  • Re-Engineering/Automating Paper Based Processes
  • Document Management

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