Publishing Sector

Every two days we create as much information as the entire human race did up to 2003. The Internet and new forms of digital media and publishing have resulted in an explosive growth in the volumes content we produce. Publishers use PeopleForce’s crowdsourced approach to work to easily and quickly categorize, tag and curate their never ending production of content.

The arrival of Big Data is also allowing for more niche commercial publishing of everything from trade flows to consumer behavior. But harnessing the benefits of Big Data can be unfeasible without a large-scale workforce drilling for insights. When your team isn’t big enough, ours is.

  • Taxonomy Development and Maintenance
  • Content Classification and Tagging
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Content Creation and Search
  • Competitive Intelligence and Industry Overview
  • Rule Writing and Testing
  • Data Cleansing and related Services
  • Social Media Monitoring

Enterprise Crowdsourcing. Delivered