Case Study

Removing the language barrier: processing thousands of product descriptions in multiple languages

Dun & Bradstreet faced a project of global proportions when it needed to process thousands of product descriptions in multiple languages. PeopleForce made the process easy with its multilingual team of expert engineers and automated process of modular workflow. D&B can now increase leverage opportunities globally by sharing information on parts and products across several countries.

The Challenge

As a world leader in business information services, Dun & Bradstreet must often assimilate vast amounts of data from across the globe. When faced with a project involving tens of thousands of product descriptions collected from global supply catalogues, D&B needed to improve its supply chain efficiency to rationalize the large quantity of data and multiple number of languages. Specifically, it needed support for the assignment of UNSPC codes to its customer files. A professionally built system was required to ensure the quality and speed that D&B's reputation mandated.

The Solution

PeopleForce improved D&B's supply chain efficiency by sorting and classifying product codes for immediate access and greater visibility. The process began with product research of the catalogues using our automated system and a skilled team of multilingual engineers. Each had local knowledge of product sets. Our community then classified product codes according to standards-based product hierarchy. PeopleForce worked with D&B's internal structure to allow the client freedom and flexibility in using the system. We also remained on-call for future assistance. Since D&B was completing the project as part of a government contract, PeopleForce used a specialized team of U.S. workers.

The Results

The project was returned completed and on time with over 90% accuracy. Dun & Bradstreet can now leverage opportunities on a global scale by sharing information on products and inventory with plants across the world. The project also produced a superior cost-benefit ratio for D&B without disrupting existing software or business processes.

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