When PeopleForce was founded in 2001 by Dave Herman, a former executive at Dun & Bradstreet with specialist data knowledge, and John Trewhitt, a former investment banker with Prudential Bache turned technology entrepreneur, the term “crowdsourcing” had not been coined. Our vision was built on the concepts of the distributed workforce and communities of practice that were then just emerging.

We recognized very early on that if you could engineer workflow into modular pieces and have it worked on by large numbers of people in parallel, there was an enormous benefit to be gained. You could not only do the work faster because of the number of people, but process engineering would yield efficiencies bringing the marginal cost per item of work down significantly. At the same time it became possible to offer real time scalability as you were no longer reliant on Mary, Tom and Ann to be in the office, now you could utilize multiple Marys, Toms and Anns and to a great extent they are no longer reliant on each other. Even better they work when they want and from where they want meaning that you not only get work done 24/7 but you can also reduce capital employed in bricks and mortar workplaces and fully loaded workspace costs.

Our focus right from the start has been to service large corporate enterprises, both domestic and international, helping them with their core business processes. We are honored to count companies like Dun and Bradstreet, Reed Business, Verisign, Discover Card, Piers and Swatch among our clients. World Class Work. Made in America.

Just as technology has evolved over the past decade and with it the reliance of companies on data and data related services, and today “big data”, so managed services have evolved to be at the heart of many companies’ operations. Equally the once nascent distributed workforce space in which we were early pioneers has evolved into an accepted work model. Crowdsourcing was only coined in 2006, but it neatly represents what we have been about for a long time.

Today we are pleased to say PeopleForce is:

Enterprise Crowdsourcing. Delivered

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