Admin Services

From forms and invoices, to reports and claims procedures, admin is a major part of every business.

While admin is necessary, there is no escaping that it can be costly. Resources and people become tied up in tasks that aren’t pushing the business forward. But there is a solution: nearly every back-office process can be re-engineered using technological innovation and our enterprise crowdsourcing model to eliminate bottlenecks, speed up processes and free up business resources to be better deployed elsewhere.

  • Application Processing
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Customer Support
  • Claims Processing

Documentation Processing & Services

Capture valuable data from unstructured and semi-structured documents such as receipts, invoices, medical forms, historical records and other vital records, and eliminate the costly process steps of manual data entry.

  • Reviewing claims and other standard forms
  • Researching exceptions
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction and other care programs
  • Help desk support
  • Managing knowledge bases and online help facilities
  • Training, testing and recruiting of distributed workers
  • Telework programs
  • Transcription Services