PeopleForce is highly skilled in coding data, both with internationally utilized classification systems, as well as code sets used in specific industries such as healthcare and proprietary codes.

If you’re looking for savings in your purchasing or wish your goods and services could be found more easily by your customers our coding services can help.


The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code is an internationally recognized taxonomy of products and services that is widely used in commercial applications by US and global companies. UNSPSC codes help with purchasing as well as giving your products and services more visibility in searches. We are highly experienced in UNSPSC coding, having done work for companies including D&B, one of the founders of the UNSPSC code.

Harmonized Tariff Codes

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is often referred to as the Harmonized System or HS. It is an international code set developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO). HS codes are widely used by companies in international trade. The US utilizes its own Harmonized Tariff Schedule, published by the United States International Trade Commission.

Medical Billing

PeopleForce offers coding for medical billing, including the incoming ICD-10 classification. With a pool of experienced medical coders, we are able to offer a very high standard of service for both operational coding requirements as well as audits. Our on-demand model allows us to undertake the complete billing process for clients or simply assist in-house teams with additional capacity.

Custom Coding

PeopleForce’s extensive experience in coding means that we are able to quickly train our workers in new classification systems and get them working to exacting standards on a client’s behalf. What can we code for you?