Almost all businesses today are reliant on data, and the success of businesses can depend heavily on the accuracy, relevancy and comprehensiveness of that data.

PeopleForce can offer on demand data processing and management services for data sets of unlimited size and complexity. From de-duplication and data enhancement, to categorization and tagging, when you think of data you should think of PeopleForce.


Categorizing information in accordance with existing taxonomies. Developing new taxonomies for clients without existing ones. Such categorization aids search as well as adding context to data. Applied uniformly to all entities in a data set.


Includes tagging of all types of data. Also tagging of documents, news summaries, photos, videos and entities to improve search functionality.


Researching and adding additional attributes to data. PeopleForce is highly experienced at adding judgments, scoring and annotations. Enrichment enables clients to perform more extensive analysis on their data.


De-duplicating records, removing “garbage” text and correcting elements.


Big Data is as much about integrating data sources as it is about collecting more data. Integration from legacy systems can be complex and often requires skilled mapping, categorization and enrichment to be used in order to make the data accessible.

Master Data Management

PeopleForce can help you manage your master data on a long term basis, applying your policies and standards and undertaking quality assurance processes.