Web Services

The World Wide Web has enabled services that weren’t possible before.

You may want to monitor your brand (or your competitors’) on-line, research the web to populate a database of prospects for your goods or conduct deep searches to unveil data and insights for business reports and pitches. Whatever you want to utilize the power of the web for, use PeopleForce’s web services to help you.

Brand Monitoring

PeopleForce’s BrandWatch process engages its virtual workforce and specialized software to comb through the Internet, systematically and thoroughly searching for online experiences that could potentially damage your brand’s integrity.

Competitor Research/Analysis

Companies in competitive industries and markets can leverage our on-demand workforce to obtain data concerning your competitor’s product range, service offerings, pricing and delivery conditions.

Lead Research

Our virtual workforce will search the Internet for companies and institutions that have a fundamental interest in your products or services according to your specifications. The contact data obtained and further information about the company or institution can then be used for successful sales activities and generated as leads to populate a sales database.