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Amazon Increases Fees for Crowdsourcing Services

After providing crowdsourcing services for 10 years, Amazon recently announced that they are substantially increasing their fees for the work they perform for clients.

The commission fee for Amazon’s online labor services platform, Merchanical Turk, will increase to 20% beginning July 21, doubling the original fee of 10%. In addition to this, an extra 20% fee will be charged for crowdsourcing jobs requiring 10 or more people.

Needless to say, these changes have the potential to significantly impact companies and researchers who use Amazon for their crowdsourcing needs.

At PeopleForce, we recognize that crowdsourcing is a growing need for businesses and we pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of our services. We provide a true enterprise crowdsourcing solution with a consistent goal of meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding expectations.

Our clients know what they are getting when they choose PeopleForce for their crowdsourcing solutions:

  • We establish unique processes and workflows tailored to clients’ specific needs and objectives
  • We then create the ideal workforce comprised of handpicked, recruited specialists based on project criteria
  • We qualify and train these specialists who are dedicated to the project
  • We guarantee quality throughout the duration of the project, which means that no work will be delivered without meeting the criteria set forth in the agreement

When the need arises for crowdsourcing services, PeopleForce is the ideal partner. For more information on how PeopleForce will help you reach your business objectives, please visit us at

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