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As a member of the clinical research industry, you are well aware of the need to constantly find ways to improve how trials are conducted. Reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing patient engagement are vital elements to ensuring successful drug discovery and development.

Drug development companies have turned to crowdsourcing as a solution, making it a critical part of efficient clinical research.

The PeopleForce Solution

PeopleForce’s crowdsourcing models can be leveraged to gain invaluable insight from targeted patient/subject populations. We build the workflow on our innovative platform and gather the right patients/subjects for your specific trial. By incorporating input from the patient community throughout the clinical trial design process, tangible efficiencies are gained, including:

  • Increased patient recruitment, engagement and retention
  • Improved protocol development and clinical trial design
  • Accelerated timelines
  • Reduced costs

The advantages of utilizing crowd-sourced data in clinical research have been proven in various therapeutic areas, including but not limited to oncology drug development as well as multiple sclerosis advancements. For more information and examples of crowdsourcing benefits within the clinical research industry, please refer to the below articles:

Data Management Services

In addition to patient-centric crowdsourcing, PeopleForce offers an array of solutions for data entry and processing needs. We offer on-demand data management services for datasets of unlimited size and complexity. The dynamic nature of clinical research creates fluctuations in resourcing needs throughout the conduct of trials. Our crowdsourcing model offers a necessary level of flexibility, enabling our clients to ramp up or scale down data management resources as needed.

PeopleForce welcomes the opportunity to work together in developing the optimal resourcing solution tailored to your clinical research needs.

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