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Market Research & Analysis

One of the best ways to drive your business to the top of your industry is to know your industry. Business intelligence gives you valuable insight into the competitive landscape of your company, industry trends and other market knowledge - empowering companies to develop optimal strategies to help move your business forward.

Quality business intelligence and research analysis is crucial for company-wide growth, and it is within your reach with PeopleForce’s enterprise crowdsourcing solutions.

The PeopleForce Solution

PeopleForce’s Market Research & Analysis crowdsourcing models can be leveraged to position your company above the rest. Through the power of enterprise crowdsourcing, we offer our clients a wide range of cost-effective Market Research & Analysis services, including:

  • Brand Monitoring (including our brandWatch program)
  • Competitor Research
  • Lead Research
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Content Classification

Our solutions have helped companies witness considerable growth, including one of the world’s largest credit card companies. For examples of how our solutions have helped companies such as Discover and Reed Business Information, click here.

PeopleForce has experience providing these services to companies of varying sizes and industries, allowing us to tailor our models to meet your specific needs. Whether it is determining the best way to position your company within a competitive environment, or developing the ultimate approach to launching a rebranding initiative, PeopleForce is well equipped to provide customized solutions for all of your Market Research & Analysis needs.

PeopleForce welcomes the opportunity to work together in developing the optimal resourcing solution tailored to your Market Research & Analysis needs.

For more information on how our technological innovation and enterprise crowdsourcing model will help you reach your business objectives, please visit us at

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